What does Living Sadhana mean anyways?


Sadhana is the Vedic word for ‘spiritual practice’,  it is our daily self-effort to evolve spiritually. The words of Master Swami Sivananda Saraswati always ring in my ears,“Life is Sadhana”. Everything we do, say and think takes us closer to or further away from God. To clarify, ‘God’ it is whatever higher energy you believe in, whether it be Siva, Mother Nature, Jesus, Muhammad, the universe, etc… in Yoga, it’s all the same thing. The ultimate goal across the board is union with the Divine energy, or universal consciousness in which we are all one in the same. The Yogis call this Moksha, Spiritual Liberation where we experience pure bliss and unconditional love of oneness.

Pretty amazing right! However, we should not understate our individual journey, karma and Soul purpose to exist in this time and space, for it is the bridge to our highest consciousness.

For most of us, we live in a modern day world with dreams, aspirations and desire for living life to its fullest, and spiritual realization may not be on the bucket list. This is perfectly okay! We do not have to renounce life, dismiss our dreams or live in an Ashram in order to evolve spiritually, we do it through living our truth. The practices of Yoga help us live our full potential and uncover the inner happiness and peace that resides within us all.  In fact, it is uncovering our purpose and expressing ourselves fully that allows us to work out our karma which frees us from fear, attachment and ultimately suffering to reveal the happiness and inner peace we all long for.

Living Sadhana is a space to support our journey in life, to learn how to harness the power of the mind to unleash the divine power that lies within us all, reveal our souls purpose and live life fully. Every thought, action and deed creates the reality we live and future we experience. Mindfully moving through it, is our Sadhana and the importance in uncovering our inner Truth, our Soul’s desire and begin to live it fully. The practices of Yoga are tools that help create, clarity and strength of mind, unblock stuck energy, develop virtues and strengthen will, support healthy living and positive thinking, and clear the way to our inner truth. Yoga knows no government boundaries, no race, no religion no belief, no sin… it knows only love and supports us all no matter where we are in life. We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled in our lives, it is our very birthright. So embrace the journey, live every moment fully and shine brightly divine beauty!


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