Meditation & Positive Thinking

Meditation I: Introduction to Meditation

(Private class: $140; Group of 3+: $60/person – 8 classes, 90 minutes each)

Discover the power of controlling the mind through meditation. We will look at the benefits of meditation and how we can incorporate them in our everyday life. Learn how to create an effective space for your practice and bring yourself into a calm state of mind within minutes. Students will learn japa meditation to help build a foundation to further explore the many forms of mediation available. Meditation is key to mindful living and peace of mind that offers joyful experience where we begin to gracefully move through life’s ups and downs and maintain a steady breath.

Positive Thinking 

(Private class: $140; Group of 3+: $60/person – 8 classes, 90 minutes each)

We know that we should think positively, but what does that really mean and how do we make those changes in order to live a more fulfilling life? These are the questions we will explore in this workshop as well discovering practical techniques to implement change into our lives. We will look at the difference between positive and negative words and actions, what thought is and how it effects our life and Yoga’s classical approach to transformation.