Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga – Sivananda lineage

Hatha Yoga is a classical form of Yoga which aims to balance and strengthen mind and body through asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). The practice of asana helps to increase circulation, muscular strength, joint mobilization, flexibility in spine and ligaments as well as strengthening the endocrine system. Pranayama serves to develop focus and cultivate clarity of the mind, control the nervous system, increase vitality and increase respiratory strength.

Sivananda style Hatha builds it’s foundation from 12 basic asanas and proper breathing developing confidence and strength before incorporating the many variations of asana and more advanced pranayama to deepen personal practice.

“Ha” (sun) is the active, hot, masculine energy  and “tha” (moon) is the receptive, cool, feminine energy which flow through our body and mind. The focus of Hatha is to balance these energies through movement of body and breath to facilitate a state of meditation, or focus which leads us to living a more mindful and joyous life.

Single Class options, 90 minutes

Private: $45

Group (3+): $15/person


Beginners I: Introduction to Hatha Yoga 

(Private class: $350; Group of 5-9: $75/person – 8 classes, 90 minutes each)

Build a strong foundation of yoga asana and basic understanding of yoga philosophy as we focus on the 12 basic asanas and breath work. We will look at the benefits of each asana, focus on alignment, listening to our body, and releasing tension in the body and mind. Students will leave with confidence in their ability to practice in a group and on their own, a clear understanding of why the practice can benefit all aspects of life and will literally feel more ease in moving through daily life.

Beginners II: Building on Hatha Foundations

(Private class: $375; Group of 5-9: $75/person – 8 classes, 90 minutes each)

Expanding on the foundations of Yoga I, strengthen the body through longer hold times  in the 12 basic asanas, integrate variations and develop a strong pranayama practice.  We will explore the connection of breath, mind and body and how we can utilize the breath to not only create more space in our body, but in our everyday life.